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Most of us are unaware that noise in the workplace, at social gatherings, pubs and clubs, or simply listening to your favourite music through earphones, could have a permanent impact on our hearing if left unchecked.

At World of Hearing, thorough client care is our primary goal, and even if your hearing loss has been troubling you for years, or is a recent issue, it’s still highly recommended that you come in for a Comprehensive Hearing Test to see the degree of your hearing loss and what your best options are.

A hearing test is also an excellent opportunity for people of all ages and hearing levels to understand the health of their current hearing, and just like all regular medical check-ups, a hearing check-up is highly advisable.

Putting off a hearing test can impact your hearing, like most things, early intervention is key. Our goal with any of our clients is to help them maintain their existing lifestyle comfortably, whether that’s maintaining your job, enjoying your retirement, or enjoying your everyday social activities and interactions.

What is a hearing test?

A Comprehensive Hearing Test with World of Hearing is an evaluation of the current state of your hearing to determine how you respond to various sounds and frequencies.

Our qualified Audiologist, Karen Cooper, will assess your hearing to determine whether you have a hearing loss, what degree the loss is (if any), and what your options may be.

The test is a thorough assessment that takes between 45 and 60 minutes.

What are the steps involved in a hearing test?

Step 1: Hearing & Case History

You will fill out a questionnaire about your hearing which will also ask other lifestyle and health related questions, this helps our Audiologist to understand your history so she can best cater to your specific needs.

Step 2: Visual Exam of the External Ear Canal (Otoscopy)

Your external ear canal and tympanic membrane (eardrum) will be checked to make sure there isn’t anything that would prevent you from continuing the test like wax or other problems preventing sound from entering your ear.

If wax build up is an issue, fortunately for our clients, World of Hearing has a dedicated micro-suction room, lead by our qualified Audiologist Karen Cooper, who will remove any wax for no additional cost – this is the same technique as used by ENT specialists and is one of the many positive differences you’ll experience at World of Hearing.

Step 3: Middle Ear Check

This automatic test, called an impedance analysis, evaluates how well your middle ear is working. Our Audiologist uses a probe to measure and verify the movement of the eardrum, the ossicle chain and the acoustic reflex.

Step 4: Sound Detection

Pure-tone audiometry is done in a soundproof room. You will wear headphones or inserts, will be presented with tones at various volume levels and frequencies for you to respond to. This enables the Audiologist to determine the softest sounds you can hear.

Step 5: Word Recognition

After the sound detection tests, our Audiologist will have you listen to and repeat a series of words. This is where you repeat words at an audible level and our Audiologist determines how accurate you can understand them. They may need to be amplified if you have a hearing loss.

Step 6: Results and Recommendations

After the tests, our Audiologist will explain your results and address any concerns you reported during your case history. Based on the results, our Audiologist may recommend some of the options available to you which can include hearing aids, alternative listening devices (ALD) and specialised care.

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