Who can have micro-suction ear cleaning?

Micro-suction cleaning can be performed on adults, children and infants over 6 months.Being water free, this is also the best method for those who have had ear surgery or a history of ear infections.

Who provides the micro-suction cleaning?

Our clinician is a fully qualified audiologist who has also completed a nationally accredited course in Micro-suction Ear Hygiene.

Do I need a doctors referral?

No although your doctor or audiologist may recommend you to come to the clinic for earwax removal or cleaning of an ear infection.

Is it painful?

No, it is a ticklish sensation, and the suction makes a slurpy noise in your ear. Ear suction can be noisy and you may feel some mild discomfort. If you experience any dizziness or other discomfort please advise the audiologist immediately.

How long does it take?

Approximately 30 to 45 minutes, sometimes longer if there is a large build up of wax, or ablockage in the ear canal.

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